The slightest mistake you can make in a legal transaction

is still more expensive than the most expensive lawyer

Spanish legislation is based on circumstances, which make it sufficiently complex and distinct from the legal norms applicable in your Country. Performing a real estate operation without legal advice is like crossing the road blindfolded and expecting to arrive without damage to the other side. Our firm has specialized, since 1994, in bringing our clients safe and sound to the good end of their property transactions, either voluntarily (purchase, donation, contribution, etc.) or as a result of Death

No surprises, no unforeseen costs, without the investment having more costs than expected and with full information of its meaning. And all this in your native language and with knowledge of the particular mentality and focus. We transmit your expectation to the Spanish legal channels and we indicate the margin you have to fulfill your purpose according to those expectations. Therefore, our services go beyond the application of the Law. We provide creative, human, preventive and transparent solutions

We have been working in a very specialized area for more than 25 years: Real Estate Law, covering the specific regulations that affect it, such as tax law, inheritance law, company law, urban planning and construction law - always around the property as the only common denominator. We cover with it the relationship between your property or your future property and all the regulations that affect it. We do not do anything else. Our purpose is that you enjoy your home, not that you acquire complicated relationships with the State or with third parties.

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Why choose us?

  • Language. We speak your language.
  • Creativity: we provide solutions, not theories.
  • Vision: your matter is analyzed statically and dynamically.
  • Prevention: our service is aimed at not leaving room for the problem to arise.
  • Knowledge: our degree of specialization allows us to be up to date in all regulations.
  • Anticipation: our degree of specialization allows us to be alert about legal developments.
  • European social-economic vision.
  • Equipment and system: we have a defined work system.
  • Experience: Experience supports our services.
  • Technology: our communication is mainly written and based on online tools. You can access it anywhere in the world.

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"Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man. (Francis Bacon)"

Professional Team

Founder – Abogado (Spanish Lawyer) mediator.

Erik Jan Paul Möller

Licensed lawyer graduated from the University of Granada, Member of the First Bar Association of Malaga, number 2551.I founded the law office in 1994 and settled in Marbella in 1992. I speak: German, English and Spanish


Lourdes Möller Gálvez

Graduated in Law at the UNED and in Criminology at the University of Málaga. Joined in 2015 the Law Firm as CEO, directing the anti-money laundering department and being part of the due diligence and legal advice department in the different areas of law for personalize customer services. I speak English, French and Spanish.

Abogado (Spanish Lawyer) and mediator

Eduardo Martín Espejo

Licensed lawyer, graduated from the University of Granada, member of the 1st Bar Association of Granada, number 3688. Integrated into the Law firm since 1997. I am responsible for the litigation deparment. I speak: English and Spanish.

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Abogados since 1992 in: Contractual Law, Conveyance, Construction and Planning Law, Company Law and Insolvencies, Arbitration, Litigation, Inheritances, Fiscal Law for Non-residents.


Nueva, 6, 29601 Marbella, Málaga. España