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in business since 1994
Founder – Abogado (Spanish Lawyer) mediator.

Erik Jan Paul Möller

Licensed lawyer graduated from the University of Granada, Member of the First Bar Association of Malaga, number 2551.I founded the law office in 1994 and settled in Marbella in 1992. I speak: German, English and Spanish


Lourdes Möller Gálvez

Graduated in Law at the UNED and in Criminology at the University of Málaga. Joined in 2015 the Law Firm as CEO, directing the anti-money laundering department and being part of the due diligence and legal advice department in the different areas of law for personalize customer services. I speak English, French and Spanish.

Abogado (Spanish Lawyer) and mediator

Eduardo Martín Espejo

Licensed lawyer, graduated from the University of Granada, member of the 1st Bar Association of Granada, number 3688. Integrated into the Law firm since 1997. I am responsible for the litigation deparment. I speak: English and Spanish.

Customer Liaison

Elena Carrasco Carrión

Since 2013 in charge of Customer Service, focused on meeting customer needs. Extensive administrative experience.I speak Spanish, English and German.

Administrative Assistant

Laura Ferrer Herrera

I have been working in the Law Firm since 2007 and I am responsible for supporting all departments in their tasks. In particular, the tax department and accounting

Reception and department of client communication

Britta López

Since 2014, I am responsible for the reception of the Law Firm Moellerlegalit, as well as for the communication with a focus on developing attention to our client's needs. I speak: German, English and Spanish.

Accounting and Administration

Isabel Martín Córdoba

I have been working in the Law Firm since 2007 and I am responsible for the finance department. Fields of work: accounting, corporate tax declarations and Non Resident Taxes. I speak Spanish and English.

Searches and diligence, formularies and after purchases/sales service

Encarnación Morales Rico

I am graduated in Economics at the University of Malaga. I joined the Law Firm in 2003 and I am responsible for the searches and diligence, declarations and all related to the after sales service.


Macarena Suárez Gini

I joined the Law firm in 2019 and since then I have been dedicated to providing assistance, specialised care and support to the various departments that are part of the law firm.

Legal services

Legal Expertis