The mediator is independent and will help the parties reach a satisfactory agreement for both of them to solve their problem. It's advantage is that it contributes to maintaining commercial relations, saving time and expenses in judgments of difficult results to predict, without prejudging or damaging the actions that are always left to the parties until the final settlement is concluded by mutual agreement.

Therefore, the parties may request mediation, and this will not bind or harm their rights if eventually they do not reach the agreement.

It will also not harm a subsequent lawsuit, if such mediation fails. The mediator may not be obliged to disclose the results or content of his mediation sessions, even in front of a Court. Therefore the attempt of mediation as a pre-litigation phase is highly recommended and in fact will be in the near future, usual practice. Our firm has been a pioneer in this work since the approval of the Mediation Law in 2012. We have numerous cases with a successful solution for the parties and with more than 25 years of experience that has given us the negotiation of thousands of contracts.